${_('Fedora SoaS Desktop')}

${_('Exploring the wider world')}



${_('Access the internet with Browse Activity, bookmark sites to research with friends and save sessions to keep organized.')}

Get Books

${_('Get Books')}

${_('Download electronic books from all over the web. Explore with ease the classics and modern books from the Internet Archive, Feedbooks, etc.')}



${_('Explore reports, documents, books and comics with the Read Activity.')}



${_('Chat provides a simple interface for collaborative discussion between two individuals or among a group as large as an entire classroom.')}

${Markup(_('Reflect on what you've learned'))}



${_('Journal provides an interface into a datastore of everything you\'ve created in Sugar.')}



${_('Portfolio provides a means to create periodic snapshots in slideshow form of representative work that shows what the learner can do')}

${Markup(_('Getting technical'))}

Turtle Blocks

${_('Turtle Blocks')}

${_('Learn programming concepts with snap together blocks. Create art, animations and interactive programs in a graphics focused environment.')}



${_('Program applications in a simple environment. The Python backend provides unlimited opportunities within a simple language.')}




${_('Jukebox is a simple media player to consume different kinds of audio and video files as well as your own creations.')}



${_('Paint provides the tools to make artistic creations. Use brushes, stamps, shapes, text and images to create beautiful pictures.')}



${_('Record is a basic rich-media capture Activity. It lets you capture still images, video, and/or audio.')}



${_('A simple and fast image viewer tool for Sugar. It has standard features, like zoom and rotate.')}

${_('Understanding and creating content')}



${_('Create a story, poem, report or anything with Write. Use formatting tools to add images or colors and work together with friends.')}



${_('Put complex ideas on the computer. Use the Laybrinth Activity to mind map about new concepts, to explore new ideas or to reflect.')}



${_('Create real life simulations using shapes, motors, ropes and bolts to explore physics in the world.')}



${_('Use images and text to create comic strips. FotoToon provides many options to add motion, speech and thought to creations.')}

${_('Support Resources')}


${Markup(_('Users and developers are available in the <a href="%s">#sugar</a> irc channel on <strong>irc.freenode.org</strong> for real-time chat.') % ('http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=sugar'))}


${Markup(_('Users and developers are also available on the mailing list at <a href="%s">soas@lists.sugarlabs.org</a>.') % ('http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/soas'))}


${Markup(_('Specific documentation and tutorials are available at the <a href="%s">SoaS project upstream website</a>.') % ('http://www.sugarlabs.org/'))}

${_('General Help Using Fedora')}

${Markup(_('Sometimes you may encounter an issue with this spin that you can get help with using general Fedora support resources. A list of resources is available at the <a href="%s">Fedora “Get Help” page</a>.') % ('https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicating_and_getting_help'))}